Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Places of the Heart

Those of you that know me, have heard me talk about the lakehouse through the years. Some of you have been there. It is one of those places of the heart. It is where my husband took me one week after we met, where I grew to love his family, where I learned about "Yucca", where our children spent many a vacation swimming, riding the banana boat and playing "hide and seek" after dark, where I would sit at sunrise and watch the morning awaken, where I would float on rubber rafts and windsurfers, where I spent many an hour in the kitchen surrounded by women of the family and family friends, where I played lots of games around the kitchen table, where I learned to water-ski, where I learned that "debate" doesn't mean "argument" and where I would sit on that bench(or the one that preceeded it) and watch the children swim, the ducks float by, my husband windsurf or ski and sometimes just "chill". Most recently, it is where I celebrated my 23rd anniversary.

The lakehouse is part of who I am. Thank you Pat and Ken for providing this place of joy for family and friends! Thank you John, for making me a part of the family!

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LauraLiz said...

I love this series, Susan.