Monday, February 18, 2008

Generous Hearts

I ran into a friend today and she asked how my life was going. I shared a bit...we spent some time talking, crying and rejoicing together. My friend asked if I owned an IPOD, as she uses hers to listen to encouraging talks and sermons. I said I didn't have one. We parted. A couple of hours later she calls to see if I could meet with her for a few minutes. We meet and she hands me two IPODS saying, "One is for you and the other for your husband." In less than 2 hours she had purchased the IPODS and downloaded a study on Daniel because she hoped the study would encourage us. I was speechless for a few seconds. Then I started crying and said, "Jill this is too much. You are so generous. How did you do this so quickly?" She said, "Susan I was so happy and excited to do this for you...please be blessed."

I am blessed beyond measure by all the generous hearts in my life. So many of you have given monetarily, emotionally, physically and in so many ways to me and mine. Thank you for your generosity. You inspire me!


Carol said...

That is so cool! What a great friend. I bought one of the new ones for George, and he has LOVED it. He is listening to Bible school lectures.

I, OTOH, can't find mine!!!!!! I'm sure it will turn up somewhere.

carrie said...

Wow, Susan, I'm tearing up, too! What a wonderful friend. God is so good.